Objectives for Student Teaching

Since the student teaching experience is to be of high quality, it is important that the team members share common overall goals and objectives. Specific objectives for the course “Student Teaching” are listed below.

The student teacher will be able to . . .


-Integrate pedagogical studies with knowledge of specific disciplines and national professional organization standards to create meaningful learning experiences.

-Design active learning opportunities that are appropriately adapted for various developmental levels, and for learners with disabilities.

-Become increasingly aware of the multicultural component of the classroom and demonstrate skills for meaningful interaction among racial, ethnic, gender, and culturally diverse groups.

-Strengthen skills required for creating, selecting, and using formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate student progress and to improve teaching and learning.

-Establish and maintain a positive, purposeful, and God-centered learning environment that promotes positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation.

-Communicate, collaborate, and consult with teachers, students, administrators, and parents clearly and effectively in the educational process.

-Develop and articulate an understanding of educational philosophy, history of education, and current trends and issues.

-Demonstrate competence in all job responsibilities in the student teaching setting.

-Develop strategies for enhancing personal areas of strength and weakness identified during field experiences and seek opportunities for professional growth and development.

-Integrate technology appropriately and effectively for communication and instruction.



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