Sceranios for the First Aid Challenge:

1. Adam is walking through the woods and trips over a tree root sticking out of the ground.  He immediately begins screaming for help because his shin bone is poking through the skin, and he is bleeding profusely.  What can you do to help Adam?
(Adam has an open wound fracture.  You should call a doctor immediately, and try to stop the bleeding.)

2. Megan is building a snowfort with her younger siblings.  It is very cold outside, and they have been outside for about four hours.  Ben, Megan's little brother, comes in and says he can't feel his fingers.  You look at it, and see that it is very white.  When you touch it, it feels hard and waxy.  What is wrong with Ben's fingers and what should you do?
(Ben has frostbite.  You should call for medical help immediately.  Try and warm the cold parts by wrapping them in a piece of cloth, but do not apply direct heat to it.)

3. It is the middle of summer, Erin and Reba have decided to paint their house.  They put on the radio and their swimming suits, heading outside to paint.  When they are about finished with the first coat, Erin begins to feel faint.  Reba checks her pulse, finding it to be weak and fast, but her skin is sweaty, and cool.  What has happened to Erin, and what can be done to save her?
(Reba should tell Erin that she is suffering from heat exhaustion.  She should encourage Erin to lie down in a cool room.)

4. Matt is trying his hand at cooking again. He has decided to make spaghetti for his parents, but when he goes to take the lid off of the boiling water for the noodles, his hand gets burned by steam.  What degree of burn does Matt have, and what could possibly stop the pain?

(Matt has a first-degree burn and should run cool water, or apply a cool compress, until the pain stops.)