Lakota Numbers


Objectives: SWBAT

1. Count from one to ten using Lakota Sioux numbers

2. Use Lakota Sioux numbers to perform math problems.

Materials Needed:

1. Pronunciation and Words sheet

2. Student worksheet


Introduction: Today we are going to learn how to count with Lakota numbers.  Make a transparency of the pronunciation of vowels and consonants to give students a basis before learning the numbers.

Lesson Steps:

1. Make a transparency (or write on the board) the Lakota Sioux numbers from one to ten.  Pronounce them for students, and have them practice by repeating the numbers.

2. Give students the Pronunciation and Words sheet so they can refer to it while doing their assignment.

3. Explain counting from 11 to 19, "ake" + the ones digit. Then explain how the other tens numbers use 10 times the number plus the ones digit (10 x n + ones).Give them examples and have them figure out what the number is.  For example, wikcemna nunpa ake wanji is 10 x 2 + 1 = 21.

4. Students will be working by themselves to do simple multiplication problems using Lakota Sioux numbers.

Closure: Review the numbers 1 to 10 by having students recite them.  These numbers are the basis for higher numbers, so knowing these numbers will be important.  Also begin the next class period with a review of the numbers.


Basic: Students will individually complete a worksheet with simple multiplication problems using Lakota Sioux numbers.

Extension: Encourage students to learn other Sioux words.  Here are some sites that have lists of words:








1. Students= participation in reciting the numbers. (Objective 1)

2. Student worksheet. (Objective 2)

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