Introductory Lesson

Topic:  Spotlight on Social Classes


1.     The students will gain an understanding of social class systems.

2.     The students will be able to identify the differences among the social classes of the Middle Ages.

3.     The students will develop an interest and genuine enthusiasm for the topic.

4.     The students will be able to recognize that class systems are not relevant for salvation.

Materials needed:



          *assignment sheets                   

          *books on different lifestyles

          *student journals          

          *invitations for the Medieval Celebration

          *tables to set up displays         

          *KWL Charts

          *Readers Theatre

Introduction – devotions

1.     Read Mark 10:42-45 (theme verse for unit)

2.     Ask students what they think this passage means for them today

3.     “There were many social classes during the Middle Ages, the years 400-1500 A.D.  I would like to introduce some of these class members now.”  (Enter readers theatre)  “As your teachers perform, pay special attention to the class systems that are evident.”

Lesson Steps:

1.     Readers Theatre (performed by teachers)

a.     One that deals with the class systems

2.     Students will write in the journals

a.     Do we have class systems today?

                                                             i.      Yes – millionaires, homeless, etc.

b.     How does this relate to our devotions?

                                                             i.      Jesus said the “last shall be first and the first shall be last” so therefore class systems are of no importance to Jesus.

3.     Explain the research project

a.     Students will take turns going around to the three different stations, look over the information, and pick a person to research

b.     They will write their top three choices on a handout and hand in

c.      If students have another idea for a person to research, we will do what we can to adjust the groups.

d.     We will put them in groups according to their choices

e.      Students will research their character in groups and prepare for presentations (museum) at the end of the unit

f.      Students will go around and visit the stations in their different classes.

g.     Those not visiting the stations will be journaling about the questions above.


1.     Students will complete KWL charts on their top three choices.

a.     They will only fill in the “What you know” and “What you want to know” sections. They will fill in the “What you learned” section at the end of the unit.

2.     Hand out invitations for the Medieval Celebration for the students to bring home.


1.     We will observe the students’ interest and enthusiasm for the project based on the KWL charts, participation in class, and their journal entries.

2.     We will also make a note of their interaction with others in the class.

3.     We will assess student journals for thoughtfulness and insight and will record for  completion.


Unit Goals

Lesson Plans