Closing Lesson

Topic:  Medieval Celebration!


1.     Students will be able to take pride in their hard work throughout the unit by displaying what they learned in their wax museum and other project displays.

2.  Students will be able to evaluate what they have learned and how their perspective of the Middle Ages has changed throughout the unit in the devotions and KWL charts.

3.     Students will gain respect and appreciation for their classmates and the work they have done.


1.     “Remember our devotions from the first day?  We are going to read them again today.”  Read Mark 10:42-45.

2.     Have the students take out their journals from the first day on class systems in our world today.  They will read their first journal entry and respond by writing another journal entry discussing if and how their perspective has changed.

3.     Give the students time to complete this in class.


1.     We will have areas set up in the gym for wax museum displays, castle projects, catapults, fencing demonstration, newspaper, and other artwork.

2.     Students will be given 30-45 minutes to set up their displays and organize details with their groups.  They will take turns standing at the wax museum display.

3.     A schedule will be handed out to P.E. students for their time to demonstrate fencing.

4.     Parents will be invited to come and see their children’s work. (Invitation: should be sent out at the beginning of the unit)

5.     Other classes in the school will also be invited to walk through the museum.

6.     Throughout the two hours, students will be required to go to other displays in the wax museum and record what they learned about at least two different characters. (Worksheet)


1.     Students will return to their classroom and fill out the “what you learned” section of their KWL charts.

2.     Students will finish their portfolios and hand them in.


1.     Students will be noted on their behavior throughout the day. 

2.     Student’s KWL charts will be checked for completion.

3.     Student’s portfolios will be graded according to the rubric.

4.     Student’s reports on their classmate’s displays will be graded for completion.



Unit Goals

Lesson Plans