Topic: Building Castles




Materials Needed:



  1. Introduction—keep this classroom atmosphere lighthearted!
  2. Explain to the class that they will become expert castle builders today, but they will be researching castles before they begin the real building.  Also, tell them that the “specs” on the sheet you handed out are the same terms they will learn in their castle-building project.
  3. Tell them each to bring paper and a pencil, gather them up, and bring them to the computer lab.
  4. Write out the website they need to go to on the board and then instruct them to type that down to reach the Castle Builder web site.
  5. Before they begin, ask them where Wales is located (because that is where they’re building their castle).  After they answer correctly, have them click on the website’s first link together to show them a map of Wales and have them locate Aberytswyth.
  6. From there, allow the students to work at their own pace.  As they are working pass out graph paper for them to use to draw the blue print spoken of in Step 4.  Tell them when they reach Step 5 to let you know.  Walk through the computer lab and answer questions that come up.
  7. As the students complete the guided research, allow them to return to the classroom and start their castle-building project under the supervision of the aide.
  8. When all the students have completed the research, return to the classroom and offer guidance where requested.





      Basic:  Complete castle building project by next week Friday and fill out the castle terms sheet to be handed in.

      Extension:  Journal about some reflection questions:  Why do we no longer have structures like castles?  Why are they no longer necessary?  Do you think castles will ever be needed in the future?  Explain.



Using rubric, evaluate castle projects based on displaying creativity, research done, and fulfilling baron’s requests.

Lesson Plans