Iditarod game 

        The students will be participating in a simulation of the Iditarod Race.  Each student
will have to create his or her own paper dog sled that the will hang on the bulletin board to
show the progress that they are making in the game.  You will need to create a map of the
Iditarod Trial for the students.  You can find sample maps at
        Each day the students will be able to move 75 miles.  Each student will also be given
a Game Card each day.  These cards help and hurt the students in the race.  The students
will also be allowed to receive cards for completing homework, but this is optional to the
students, they may choose not to receive one. 

        The students will have to record how many miles he or she went each day in their
journals.  They will need this information for Math class on day ten. The students will also
have to journal about the race each day for Language Arts.

        The student or students who make it to the end first will be declared winners. (Or who
ever is the farthest by the end of the unit)

Sample Game Cards

A snowstorm hits and you cannot start the next leg of your race. Stay where you are until the next day.

One of your dogs has a broken leg, stay at your checkpoint until the next day.

You beat everyone to the checkpoint last night, advance 50 miles.

You took the time to carefully water and feed your dogs even though you were tired. Advance 30 miles.

The weather is bad you lose the trail. Go back 20 miles.

You realize you did not plan carefully and you run out of supplies. Go back to the last checkpoint.

The weather is beautiful today and you are able to follow the trail clearly. Advance to the next checkpoint.

You stop to help a friend fix their sled. Advance 35 miles.

You find some supplies on the trail, advance to the next checkpoint.

You realized you dropped your canister of water on the trail. Move back 50 miles to get it.

You fed your dogs a great breakfast and now they have renewed energy. Advance 45 miles.

You develop a severe backache and you must rest. Stay where you are until the next day.

One of your dogs gets a cut on his paw that you must tend to. Stay where you are.

You catch up with a friend on the trail. You are glad for some company. Advance 25 miles.

A reporter interviews you about the race, but this slows you down, go back 20 miles.

You took the time last night to wax your sled and today it is extra fast.  Advance 45 miles.

You got to talk to your family on the phone at the last checkpoint. Advance 15 miles.

You past one of your biggest competitors today. Advance 60 miles.

You got stuck behind a slower sled at a narrow part of the trail today. Move back 25 miles.

Your sled hit a tree root and cracked. Stay where you are for a day so you can fix it.

There is blinding snow and ice falling and you cannot see the trail. Move back 20 miles.

Some kind family cooks you a great meal and you are energized for the next day. Advance 40 miles.

You put booties on your dog’s feet before you hit the rough part of the trail. This protects their feet from being injured. Advance 75 miles.

A journalist has been reporting positive things about your character. Advance 50 miles.

You found extra food laying on the trail and you share it with your dogs. Advance 25 miles.


    These are possible questions you may print out and use.  It would work to print this sheet out a couple of
     times and use the questions over. Make up some of your own to add to it!


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